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My hunt for the perfect browser for work :!

UPDATE: And now I have moved (back) to firefox 4! Firefox 4 is fast, so far no crashes and is looking good. more on this later as I spend more time on it!


First and foremost a little into what this post will give you. In this post, first I talk a little about why I need this post. Then a little of my browsing habbits history. Then some of my problems. And then my problems.

This post started when I realised I ve been switching between browsers one after another whenever I face some issue with one. Now few months down the lane, I don’t remember what the problem was and why I switched away from a particular browser and to what and why. So this post is more like a little documentation effort.

Now a little into my browser usage history. As a kid I remember using IE, Firefox and a little of Opera. In college, I was primarily a firefox user (with a little bit of elinks thrown in whenever the network would be clogged down). After I started work, one of the worst versions of firefox was released. FF 3.0. It would crash like a drunken dog gone nuts on the roads. I switched over to Opera at this instance after suffering for weeks (on fedora). Then I switched to Mac. My love for Opera continued. Ofcourse I have firefox with firebug and webdeveloper and various profiles. And then, I guess it started crashing for some reasons. I tried safari but wasn’t really impressed. At this time I primarily switched to Chrome. I had tried chromium on fedora earlier and Chrome had evolved a lot from its chromium days.

At the moment, am back to Opera. This post is being published in Opera. And the reason. Well, the latest version of Chrome is buggy or maybe its the speeddial extension. Now when I click on any speeddial, the speeddial opens up, but the address bar is empty :!

And its hightime I try Opera 11 :)
In the meanwhile, I ll be downloading latest firefox nightly release aka minefield :)

And will keep this post (or further posts) as a part of documenting my waddle through the various browsers. (IE wont be part much of it, though I do use it once in a while owing to some stupid IE rich web applications.).

More on it later. Cheers
Anshu Prateek

Fuzzy Logic :!


If you are here to find out what fuzzy logic is all about, you are better off to wikipedia. I am just going to post here something that I am feeling these days.

So far in my life, I ve been a person of extreme values. Am not a man enough yet. Am still a growing person. I love 1 and 0. All things should ve only these two values. But life ain’t like that. Right now am stuck between here and there in the middle of nowhere. Its all so fuzzy :! No discreet value. Right now am about in a state which can’t be described by either dilemma or confusion. Both these words are used when you ve a set of options and you need to choose between them. I am in a state where I dont know what needs to be done. Its either something new or continue on the path I ve been. But in my path, I ve heard “I don’t know what to do” a lot many times. I was wondering if that means I am continuously doing things wrong. Then a friend(make that two of them) suggested that mostly it could be that I am doing the same mistakes again and again. Well, that sounds like me. I am quick to learn from my mistakes. Except for this one situation.

So now, either its again on the same road, doing the same thing all over again, maybe repeating the same mistake, though this time it could be worse.

Ok, some more and maybe many more and maybe no other thoughts left around. Again, no words to explain this situation. Better get back to work.

Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo

Open The Small Cloth Bag Called Mind, Take Out The Hash Called Lust And Crush It … Put It In A Chillum Called Faith, Light It Up With Burning Coal Called Intelligence – Shishunala Shariffa, a kannada poet (Song: Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo)

an arbit post!

An arbit post! After a looong time! Times have been changing! From my yesteryears of college days to today of working hours. Yesterday was the first Pragyan in my last 4 years that I didnt attend! Why I didn’t go could be a stupid reason but a rational one. So unlike me! And then the last weekend. Saying out something that you always wanted to say to a dear one is always relieving. After a while you may think that maybe you should not have said / done so. But I believe in living in the world knowing that I did whatever I could. If something went wrong then maybe it was my mistake or maybe none of my fault. But anygiven day its far better than living in the world thinking what if I would ve done so. Had it be any different? This thought of ‘maybe it would ve been different if I would ve done so’ is the most killing one. I believe in action. Do what you want to do. Be ready to face all its consequences. Don’t just sit there wondering if you should do something or not! I do so in each and everything except for one thing – whenever the question pertains to a member of the opposite sex, then you can count on me to take forever to get out of the loop as to whether I should or whether I should not! Though I ve been working upon it lately and I think I ve overcome the sole indecision factor to a greater extend. Still many a times I think that maybe I shouldn’t have said so to her. But then that wouldn’t ve been me right? I am what I am. And you need to accept me in my entirety. With my flaws and failures.
Its funnily weird yet a well known strange fact that writing/talking/blogging out helps your to vent out. I wanted to say something! Twitter was a bit short. FB and gtalk – too many people. So here I am. In my new home. Talking out to the world. cheers!