Amazon India to shutdown parts of online furniture sales?

The e-commerce giant blamed its drastic failure to fulfill the minimum workforce requirements for various post services requirements amidst crunch of blue collar skilled workforce.

The news comes as a surprise amongst at a time when the company is planning to add 14 new fulfillment centers and plans to create 5000 new jobs in the process.

Company customers say they have been facing the precursor to this news and will not be surprised if the company shuts down a failing piece of the business to maintain the customer confidence in the brand. The furniture business, especially the ones requiring assembly has been an achilles heel in the otherwise customer centric profile of the company. The SLAs of furniture assembly being 24 hours, the company said it was not able to get enough skilled man power to get them assembled even 5 days later. The escalation policy for customers suffering from this delay stipulates upto 72 hours for remediation, which was a joke in itself but reminds one of the popular quick line meme, where a normal SLA is 24 hours but the escalated SLA is 72 hours!

In the meanwhile swedish DIY giant IKEA is preparing to open up its first store in India in Hyderabad later this year. Whether the self assemble furniture pieces from IKEA will be available on Amazon India or whether it becomes a competitor to Amazon in this category, is to be seen.

Written on May 27, 2017