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“Isolinux.bin missing or corrupt” when booting from USB

I was trying it out to boot from USB using fedora for a friends laptop. On booting I saw the above error.

And found the answer at:

dd if=[name of iso] of=/dev/sdc

NOT /dev/sdc1 and before removing the usb stick type into terminal:

eject /dev/sdc

sdc being whatever your usb stick device is
this will ensure that all the data is written to the stick before removal.

Voila! It worked. Like the next comment says in the above post, indeed, so stupid of me :P

inode count

This is something that I never had to deal with before! But one of the customised systems when was being used for some other purpose ran into inode count being full issue! That is, you have disk space left but no inode. Happens when you ve a lot of small files. In this case, the system was customised to reduce the number of inodes for the original purpose, (had quite some space with lesser number of bigger files).

the way to see the inode count is a simple:

df -i



Free Live Streaming TV / News Channel

This is something I picked up quite sometime back when I needed to watch news in office for breaking news. Initially I configured only one channel, ndtv. But when I landed in germany for december vacation, I picked up a couple more as not all channels were freely available here.

So hit and grab your favourite news channel for free online :P Right now it has the following channels:







And my favourite watch it all in one screen :P